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Max-Guard Utility Dry Box Dual Compartment PTAB008

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These lightweight and compact Utility Dry Boxes allow for storage of multiple items making it the perfect accessory for any hunter, fisherman or camper. These Dry Boxes have enough room to fit hoards of ammunition and shooting accessories, fishing tackle, reels and fishing accessories etc. and plenty of essential camping gear.

  • Seperate Compartment Located in Lid with Five Sectioned Areas
  • Easy-to-Use Latch with Dual Padlock Recesses
  • Large Lift Out Tray
  • Easy-Grip Handle
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction
  • Outer Dimensions - 34cm x 33.8cm x 19.8cm
  • Internal Dimensions (without tray):
    Depth: 280mm
    Length at Bottom: 320mm
    Length at Top: 335mm
    Width at Bottom: 170mm
    Width at Top: 190mm

  • Weight - 1.9kg

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