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Max-Comp Case Lube Pad with Loading Tray - Medium (suits .243, 22-250, .308etc) GC-007M

The Max-Comp Case Lube Pad with Reloading Tray is an ideal tool for reloaders looking to easily and efficiently lube cases. 

After the application of case lube to the pad, roll your cases across the pad which evenly distributed a coat of lube to the brass, ready to be resized.

This handy kit is also supplied with a removable reloading tray which can store up to 50 rounds at once, providing a space to easily store pre-lubed or lubed cases.


  • Absorbent Lube Pad Which Even Distributes Lube Across Brass
  • Includes a Removable 50 Round Reloading Tray
  • Tray Suits Calibres - .243, 22-250, .308 etc.
  • Plastic Film to Prevent Lube Spreading
  • Stored in an EVA Case

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