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Napier Power Pellet Lube 25ml Pump Spray SKU:6250

$25.00 RRP

A quite remarkable simple to use product that will improve accuracy with any pellet and on any type of airgun guaranteed.
The unique complex formula does much more than lubricate, in fact it creates a chemical seal around the skirt of every pellet, ensuring that it will not skim or tear on the rifling of the barrel.
This is turn greatly improves the gyroscopic effect and results in improved flight, with dramatic improvement in accuracy.
Now in a handy 25ml pump spray, simply spray directly into a tin of pellets for dramatic increase in accuracy, and consistent power on any make or type of airgun pellet.
Proven in use by world competition shooters, the sure way to guarantee performance.


  • Size - 25ml Pump Spray

  • Does not contain any silicones. 


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