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Max-Lume Remote Area Lighting System 24W 8LED RLS-24W

rls-24w 1
rls-24w 1

The Remote Area Lighting System utilises solid-state mounted LED's coupled with a thermally efficient light engine and black case, giving the user the ultimate maintenance free portable floodlight station to get the job done efficiently, safely and on time.

The Remote Area Lighting System houses the light head and its multi-stage charger for that total self contained convenience.

This is the must have rechargable led remote area light for situations including Construction, Camp Lighting, Roadworks, Emergency Rescue, Railway Maintenance, Mining, Communications etc.


  • Convenient Low Battery Warning System and Waterproof Activation Switch.
  • 8 High Flux LED'S Providing a 360 Degrees of Spread
  • Quick Release Extension Lock for Light Heads
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Waterproof to IP67

Technical Specifications:

  • LED Type - High Flux LED
  • LED Life - 50000 Hours
  • Brightness - 800 Lumens (H) and 100 Lumens (L)
  • Lamp Heads - 1
  • Number of LEDs - 8
  • Beam Spread - 360 Degrees
  • Battery Type - 12v 36Ah Rechargeable, Sealed
  • Battery Burn Time - 7 hrs
  • Battery Charging Time - 10 hrs From Full Discharge
  • Battery Life - 500 Cycles
  • Voltage - 12 Volt
  • Height - 82cm
  • Weight - 5.5kg

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