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2+2 Gun Sling with Blued Swivels by Boonie Packer 22QSW


The 2+2 Sling by Boonie Packer is a simple yet effective traditional 2" wide gun sling featuring non-slip technology - there simply isn't a better alternative. 

The 2+2 features soft, extra wide webbing which distributes the load evenly and minimizes strain and fatigue as a result. The webbing is treated with Non-Slip rubber knit strips that prevent slipping and sliding. Available in black only, the webbing on the 2+2 is adjusted by means of a nimble “quick slide” buckle.

The 2+2 is also supplied with two quick-detachable Safari Swivels finished in traditional blue. The patented locking system on these swivels is completely automatic, so they’re easy to get on and off. Best of all, these swivels simply will not come undone, like other swivels.


  • Size - 2" wide
  • Includes 2 x QD Swivels (Blued)
  • Includes non-slip rubber knit intertwined into webbing
  • Colour - Black

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