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Acu-Life Shooters Hearing Protectors Ear Plugs 400711


The Acu-Life Shooters Hearing Protection Ear Plugs is premium protective equipment for shooting sports designed to allow low-level sounds, not harmful to hearing, to pass through and reach the ear canals. 

The innovative diaphragm reduces loud impulse noise while permitting normal conversation. The design is similar to how a set of electronic ear muffs work but without the bulkiness of the ear 


  • 18 NRR
  • Soft silicone cushion for maximum comfort.
  • Internal aluminium barrel protects diaphragm allowing for extended use.
  • Eliminates 'plugged up' feeling.
  • Blocks loud impulse noises (e.g. gun shots).
  • Permits normal conversation
  • Hear nearby game
  • Reusable

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