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Ruby® Fibre Optic Adhesive Shotgun Sight - Red - 120mm RO-039


Gain Speed and Accuracy when shooting with the RUBY® Fibre Optic Sight!

This sight drastically improves your shot by allowing simultaneous view of both the target and your luminous point which is perfect for all lighting conditions, especially effective in dull lighting and against dark backgrounds.

The RUBY® bead allows you to aim with both eyes open with the luminous point indicates the firing axis, leading to a significant gain in visibility which is essential for beginners and experienced shooters.


  • Manufactured using the Best Optic Fibres Bead
  • Diameter - 3 mm Base
  • Width - 6 mm
  • Length - 120 mm
  • Colour - Red
  • Attach in Minutes and Remove with Ease
  • Simple Attachment using an Adhesive Strip (Full Instructions Included)
  • Two Models Available - 71 mm for Hunting & 120 mm for Sports Shooting

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