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Parker Hale Flannelette Patches .30cal - 45 Pack PH01FLF3


The Parker Hale pre-cut cleaning patches make the rifle cleaning process a breeze and saves you plenty of time while cleaning your guns.

Manufactured from a flannelette material, they are perfect for removing any dirt or residue in the bore, collecting more than a standard cotton patch and ensuring a total clean. 


  • Suits .30cal Rifles (.308, .30-06, .30-30, .303, .300, 7.62mm etc.)
  • Pack size - 45 Pack

Parker Hale's "Four Point Plan"

Swab out with a patch soaked in Aquoil* and vigorously scrub the bore with a phosphor bronze wire brush. Swab again using Aquoil* generously until discoloration disappears. Dry out with successie patches until these emerge reasonably clean. Apply neat .303 Cleaner generously on the bristle brush. 

*Aquoil is prepared by mixing one part Youngs .303 with three parts water.

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