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LEE Pacesetter 3-Die Set - 308 Win 90507


The LEE PaceSetter Reloading Die set features a Full Length-Resizing Die to return brass to factory new dimensions, perfect for reloading once fired brass accompanied by the exclusive LEE Factory Crimp Die which produces factory-like ammunition with improved utility and accuracy as well as the Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seater Die which foolproofs the bullet seating adjustment, and assures perfect seating depth every time.

The Pacesetter die sets also include a shell holder, powder dipper, load data and are packed neatly in a plastic storage box.

This set is recommended for assembling ammunition for hunting purposes as the finished rounds chamber easily and can withstand rough handling of the firearm action.

Features & Specifications:

  • Calibre - 308 Winchester
  • Includes Lee Factory Crimp Die, Full Length Sizer Die, Bullet Seater Die, calibre specific Shell Holder, Powder Measure Dipper, Load Data and Plastic Storage Box.
  • Thread - 7/8-14"
  • Manufactured in the USA

lee pacesetter 3 die set

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