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Top Brass .308 Win Reconditioned Unprimed Brass - 100pk TB-308RB-100


Top Brass is the premier manufacturer of quality reloading products who specialise in the reconditioning of once fired cases, offering great value reloading components. 

EVERY cartridge case manufactured by Top Brass is Quality Control Inspected several times during the production process. With a state-of-the-art, ‘Single-Piece-Flow’ system, each case must meet strict dimensional requirements before it continues-on in our production process. In most instances, Top Brass has tighter tolerances than standard SAAMI specifications.

  • Caliber - .308 Win
  • Quantity - 100 Rounds

Brass has been:

    • Reamed (crimp removed)
    • Cleaned
    • Full-length sized, and trimmed to 2.003" (+/-.005")

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