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David Ireland DVD Australian Safari DIAS

david ireland australian safari

The Australian Safari DVD features David Ireland taking his audience on a fascinating journey across Australia in his quest to encounter some of the most exotic and sometimes dangerous Australian animals.

He explores a diverse rage of marine habitats, from the depths of the Great Barrier Reef to exotic offshore islands. He hand feeds one of the fastest ambushing sharks of our oceans, wrestles dangerous bull stringrays and makes them strike with their lethal barbed tails, swims with ocean giants and has an encounter with a strange creature that is a cousin to the giant squid.

The Wildlife Man then travels to some of the most remote regions of Australia's Outback, he catches huge jungle pythons with his bare hands, spends time with an old Aboriginal elder looking for desert dragons and films, for the first time, ancient Aboriginal engravings that have never been filmed before.

  • Run Time: Approximately 60mins

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