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C120 Compound Bow 20-70lbs Camo inc Arrows etc C120-SETC

The all new high quality C120 compound bow features a stunning Black with Black with Carbon Fibre Limb style finish, with an adjustable 20-70lbs draw weight which creates and extremely powerful shot and actively increases accuracy over distance compared to the lower poundage bows.
The C120 Set comes packed full of features, including arrows, high-vis optical sights with a light, arrow rest and more! This is the ultimate set-up for any archer!

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Draw Weight - 20-70lbs
  • Draw Length - 17-29"
  • IBO Velocity - 320fps
  • Weight - 1.63kg
  • Axle to Axle - 30"
  • Brace Height - 8"
  • Let-Off - 75%
  • Split Limbs
  • Colour - Pink Camo
  • Package Includes - Compound Bow, x4 Arrows, 5 Pin High-Vis Optical Sight with Light, Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, 4 Arrow Quiver, 4 String Silencers, Rumber Limb Dampers, Cable Guard, Trigger Release (D-Loop), Peep Sight, Rubber Stabiliser, Practice Target, Release Aid, Bow Wax, Set-Up Instructions and Compass. 

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