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C106 Compound Bow 40-60lbs Black C106-B

The all new high quality C106 compound bow features a stunning Black with Carbon Fibre Limb colour finish, with an adjustable 40-60lbs draw weight which creates and extremely powerful shot and actively increases accuracy over distance compared to the lower poundage bows.

Ideal for the more experienced archer!

Features & Techincal Specifications:

  • Draw Weight - 40-60lbs
  • Draw Length - 25-30.5"
  • Weight - 1.90kg
  • IBO Velocity - 300fps
  • Size - 43" x 13.8" x 2.7"
  • Axle to Axle - 40"
  • Brace Height - 7.5"
  • Split Limb Design
  • Package Includes - Compound Bow, Peep Sight, Trigger Release (D-Loop), Limb Dampers, Adjustable Draw Weight & Length and Compass
  • NOTE: Do not dry fire! 

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