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Pro-Tactical Trakka Adjustable Slingshot SS-001


The Pro-Tactical Trakka Adjustable Slingshot features the finest quality latex band and an easy-grip leather launching pouch.

It features a super strong steel yoke which is adjustable to change the length of pull, allowing for the needs of any user and their unique shooting style, complimented by an easy grip handle with finger grooves.

The "Hyper-Velocity" draw band offers a 30% greater velocity on release, making the Trakka the ultimate slingshot!

NOTE: Only available for sale in QLD, TAS and ACT.

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Point your left foot and shoulder directly at the target while turning body to the right.
Turn the head directly toward the target.
Center the ammo in the middle of the leather pouch. Hold the handle firmly in the left hand and pinch the ends of the pouch over the ammo using the thumb and index finder of the right hand.
Hold the left arm out straight and firm.
Draw the right hand back level with right cheek, - NEVER TO THE EYE -
Hold the pouch securely between the thumb and index finger.
Aim and release the pouch to shoot.
Reverse for left hand users.

Slingshots are NOT toys.
Exercise caution, common sense and safety rules AT ALL TIMES.
ALWAYS wear safety glasses when shooting your slingshot.
NEVER aim or draw the slingshot in the direction of a person.
Aim and draw ONLY in the direction of an appropriate target.
CONSTANTLY have a full view of the path to the target and beyond.

Natural latex rubber is highly sensitive to environmental factors such as oxygen, pollutants, and especially ultraviolet rays in visible light so it will naturally deteriorate and lose its flexability over time. Please REPLACE the band when it is cracked or damaged.