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Versa-Pod Model 1 All-Steel Tactical 9-12" Bipod Ski Feet 160-001

The Model 1 All Steel Tactical Bipod was developed particularly to satisfy the needs of professionals and the versatile shooter, as it is perfect for use in all situations including at the range and in the field.

The All-Steel model is a heavy-duty variation of the Versa-Pod Bipod range, making it more ruggered and sturdy for use with high calibre rifles and heavier hitting guns - An almost unbreakable design!

This bipod also features the tactical “Ski” Feet which allow the user to gain upmost accuracy and comfort on many uneasy terrains, especially soggy grass, mud, clay and other similar surfaces.


  • Adjusts from 9” – 12”
  • Notched Legs for Precise Positioning
  • "Ski" Style Feet
  • Pan & Tilt Function
  • Weight – 0.72kg
  • Tactical Universal Mounting Adapter with 1" Sling Loop