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Max-Lume Deluxe Spotlight Remote Handle with On/Off Switch RC-001


The Max-Lume Deluxe Spotlight Remote Handle with On/Off Switch is the perfect addition to any spotlight set-up.

The On/Off Switch feature allows the user to easily and quickly turn their spotlight on or off with a simple click located in a convienent position on the handle.

The handle is manufactured from durable steel with a padded hand grip and provides the user with a high-tech 360 degree viewing capability as well as up and down movements.

The remote handle is perfectly suited with the Max-Lume Window Spotlight Mounting Sytem, or can be used in conjunction with a "through the roof" type mount.


  • Convienetly Located On/Off Switch (Includes Wiring)
  • 360 Degree Scanning Mechanism
  • Easy-Grip Padded Handle
  • Manufactured from Durable Steel
  • Perfect For Solo Hunting Trips
  • Fits all Max-Lume Remote Spotlights