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Max-Lume Spotlight Filter 240mm Red Lens RF240

spotlight cover red 2
RRP: $35.00 In stock

It isn’t rare for animals to be scared off by the bright beam of white lighting projected from most spotlights, but they are less likely to become frightened by red lighting which you can achieve with this Spotlight Filter.

Animals such as kangaroos, foxes or hares/rabbits don’t pick up the different coloured light as easily meaning less chance of the target moving and a higher chance at a successful shot.


  • Size – 240mm
  • Colour – Red
  • Reduces Risk of Scaring Game
  • Protects Spotlight From Damage Caused by Flying Debris, Bugs etc.
  • Easily Clips on to Spotlight
  • Fits All 240mm Max-Lume Spotlights